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Switching From Independent Living to Nursing Home Care

Posted by Brad Sarkauskas | May 23, 2018 | 0 Comments

Moving can be one of the toughest decisions to make and go through with, especially when you're moving away from everything you know. This is something that often becomes a reality for many aging individuals, and in some cases, sooner than expected.

A perfect example is when a couple purchases a home together and decides to plant roots with the intentions of starting a family. They have two beautiful kids together and raise them in the home they bought up until it's time to send them off to college. The couple decides to keep the house even after their kids go off to school as an option for them to return to, but that never happens. Their kids get jobs after school and officially move out of the family home. A few years later, their father tragically passes away, leaving the mother alone to govern over the estate.

As the years pass, she finds it more and more difficult to live alone. Her health is nowhere close to where it used to be, and simple tasks like cleaning the home or taking out the trash are becoming extremely difficult. Many people in this situation would choose to stay at their residence as it holds precious memories while others simply prefer to live independently. In these cases, it may take the encouraging words of a loved one to help them make a necessary decision.

How to Start the Conversation

Telling a loved one that they should move into a retirement community or an assisted living facility can be difficult. Many don't want to disrespect their family member or close friend by bringing this up, but there are a few ways of doing so that protect their feelings but still show that you care:

  • Ask Don't Tell: The easiest way to get a negative reaction from someone is to tell them that they need to be moved into an assisted living facility. Not only can this come off as demeaning, but it also fails to take their feelings into consideration. Instead, ask them if they have considered moving somewhere else that could better accommodate them.
  • Explain The Benefits: Do your research so that you can speak knowledgeably on the topic and thoroughly explain how the move will be beneficial to them (not you).
  • Express Concerns: Although you may assume that they know that you are suggesting this out of genuine concern for their well-being, it is essential that you share that with them. Otherwise, it could easily come off as you being overbearing or controlling.

There is no easy way to bring up the topic of assisted living, but one may be more open to the idea if they are aware of the full extent of their options. Some of the most common include:

  • Nursing homes
  • Retirement communities
  • Advanced-care facilities
  • Residential care homes
  • Continuing care retirement community

Some of these facilities offer tours and meals at the facility for potential residents. There are even rental and overnight stay options for those who would like to get a feel for the community before moving in.

Planning for Long-Term Care

The undeniable truth of moving into an assisted living community is that they can be costly and without the necessary retirement funds, it can place a hefty financial burden on loved ones. The average annual cost to live at an assisted living facility in Wisconsin is $42,451, and there are no signs of it decreasing (compared to skilled nursing home care which currently exceeds $104,000 per year).  Discover your financial options for affording assisted living by consulting with a Milwaukee nursing home planning lawyer.

Our team at Heritage Law Office of Wisconsin is experienced and knowledgeable of how to go about successfully planning for assisted living. We can discuss Medicaid eligibility, the benefits of a living trust versus a will, and your long-term care insurance options. Contact us today at 414-253-8500 for a free case evaluation.

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