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Digital Executor: Your Comprehensive Guide to Estate Planning in Wisconsin

The digital age has brought a new set of challenges to estate planning. With so many digital assets and online accounts, it's crucial to have a digital executor who can manage your digital legacy. In this article, we'll explore the role of a digital executor, why you need one, and how to appoint one.

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What is a Digital Executor and Why Do You Need One?

A digital executor is a person you designate to handle your digital assets after your death. This person has the authority to access, manage, and distribute your digital assets according to your wishes. Some of the responsibilities of a digital executor may include:

Identifying Your Digital Assets

The digital executor will be responsible for locating and securing all of your digital assets. This can include anything from email accounts, social media profiles, and online storage accounts to digital currencies and intellectual property.

Accessing and Securing Your Accounts

One of the primary responsibilities of a digital executor is to gain access to your online accounts and ensure that they're secure. This may involve changing passwords, closing accounts, or transferring digital assets to beneficiaries.

Distributing Your Digital Assets

The digital executor will distribute your digital assets according to your wishes. This may include transferring digital currency to beneficiaries, providing access to online accounts, or distributing digital files and documents.

Choosing a Digital Executor for Your Estate Plan

When selecting a digital executor, it's essential to choose someone you trust and who has the necessary technical skills to manage your digital assets. Here are some factors to consider:

Technical Expertise

The digital executor should have a good understanding of technology and be able to navigate various online platforms and digital assets.


Choose someone who is trustworthy and will carry out your wishes as intended. It's crucial that this person respects your privacy and the privacy of your beneficiaries.

Willingness to Serve

Make sure the person you choose is willing and able to take on the responsibility of being a digital executor.

How to Appoint a Digital Executor

To appoint a digital executor, follow these steps:

  1. Consult with an experienced estate planning attorney who can help you navigate the legal requirements and ensure your estate plan is up to date.
  2. Choose a suitable digital executor, keeping in mind the factors mentioned above.
  3. Document your wishes and instructions for your digital assets, including account information, passwords, and any specific directions for distributing your digital assets.
  4. Include the appointment of a digital executor in your will or trust, specifying their role and responsibilities.
  5. Inform the chosen digital executor of their appointment and provide them with a copy of the relevant documents.

Managing Your Digital Assets

In addition to appointing a digital executor, it's essential to take steps to organize and manage your digital assets during your lifetime. Here are some tips:

Create an Inventory of Your Digital Assets

Make a comprehensive list of all your digital assets, including accounts, usernames, passwords, and any important files or documents.

Store Your Inventory Safely

Store your digital asset inventory securely, ensuring it's protected from unauthorized access. This can include using a password manager, storing the information in a safe deposit box, or entrusting it to a trusted individual.

Review and Update Your Inventory Regularly

As your digital assets change over time, it's important to update your inventory and instructions accordingly. Make it a habit to review and update this information at least once a year.

Contact a Digital Executor Attorney

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