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How Veterans Can Benefit From Having an Advocate

Posted by Brad Sarkauskas | Jul 27, 2018 | 0 Comments

Veterans are entitled to government-mandated benefits upon leaving the service. In order to recover these benefits, they must go through their VA Regional Office (VARO). The initial wait time after submitting a claim for benefits is roughly six months. When a claim is denied, the appeals process is known to be lengthy, complex, and involve many stages. As a result, many veterans give up or pass away before ever receiving their benefits.

Those who wish to expedite the process and improve their chances of getting approved the first time around should consider acquiring a professional advocate. These individuals can work to your benefit by providing the following services.

Knowledgeable Legal Assistance

Filing a claim for benefits is an intricate process, and while many people see it as simply filling out some empty slots on a paper and sending it off, it requires keen attention to detail. A lawyer who focuses on securing benefits for veterans has been through the process multiple times. With that, they bring to the table the ability to analyze and interpret case files, submit documentation on time and with the proper courts, and inform you of the most favorable course of action for your claim specifically.

Personalized Attention

Veterans often seek the assistance of a case manager when applying for benefits. As good as their intentions are, they are often overwhelmed with having to manage numerous cases at a time. When you have questions about application specifics, the progress of your claim, your chances of having an appeal approved, or any other concern, you must call the VA. You are often met with long waiting periods before ever speaking to anyone, and even then you may not get the answers you seek.

By having a professional advocate looking out for your interests, you have someone who can handle all of the associated paperwork and provide open availability to address any of your pressing inquiries.

Improved Success Rates

No matter if it is during the initial application process or appeals process, your odds of having an approved claim drastically increase with the help of an attorney. Cases brought to the Board of Veterans' Appeals (BVA) have a 24.2% denial rate. Statistics show that the chances of your appeal being denied drop to 17.7% when you have legal representation.

The Equal Access Justice Act (EAJA) also applies when you have legal representation and win an appeal. The act entitles you to recover compensation in the form of legal fees from the government.

Improve your chances of filing a successful claim by securing the legal services of an experienced veterans' benefits attorney. Attorney Brad Sarkauskas with Heritage Law Office of Wisconsin brings the experience necessary to help individuals recover the benefits they're entitled to by law. Contact us today at 414-253-8500 for a free case evaluation.


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