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Healthcare Powers of Attorney

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A health care power of attorney is a document in which you can designate someone to be your representative for medical matters in the case of your incapacitation. This representative, or agent, will handle any decisions relating to your health care and end-of-life medical wishes. 

Choosing a health care power of attorney is a significant step to take in planning for late-in-life care. Without a health care power of attorney, it can be difficult for your loved ones to make decisions on your behalf and ensure your care. A health care power of attorney document can help you maintain your health care wishes even if you can't state them yourself.

 Choosing a Health Care Power of Attorney Agent

Think carefully about who you would like to select as your health care power of attorney. The agent you choose may be making important decisions about your health, such as end-of-life care, life support requests, and how your personal beliefs and wishes factor into your treatment.

Living Wills Vs. Health Care Power of Attorney

A living will is sometimes used alongside a health care power of attorney or combined into one document. Though the two are somewhat similar, it's essential to understand the differences between them so you can create the necessary documents. 

A living will is a document that outlines your wishes for end-of-life medical care in the instance that you are unable to make your own decisions. However, a living will has limits as to when it is enacted. Living wills typically only apply if you are terminally ill, permanently unconscious, or have another affliction of the sort. 

A health care power of attorney goes beyond a living will and can be applied in more situations. If you are not facing an end-stage condition but are still disabled for another reason, you can implement your health care power of attorney.

In the absence of a living will, the agent for your health care power of attorney will be responsible for making decisions for your end-stage care. It is possible to have both documents created in case your agent needs guidance on what to do.

Creating a Health Care Power of Attorney

Health care power of attorney documents can help ensure that your wishes are honored and that you receive the care you want. If you need help creating a health care power of attorney document, or any other documents regarding your estate and end-of-life care, contact a reputable lawyer in your area.

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